My Montage Skin Science Experience

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

With my hectic schedule, it's a great privilege to experience a pampering sesh with one of the most prestigious skin clinic, Montage Skin Science. 
That is why I was ecstatic when I  was invited for an appointment with them. I particularly visited their branch in Sgt, Esguerra Quezon City.

As soon as I entered their facility, I was very impressed on how clean and tidy the place was.
As far as we all know, when it comes to aesthetic clinics, we are all concerned about sanitation. With Montage, it is a two thumbs up!

Consultation room and treatment rooms are very conducive for therapy and relaxation. Equipment and instruments they are using are high end and of excellent quality.

Their mission, “To help people feel good by making them look better”, With our unique approach to skin care and aesthetics, individualized and made to measure technique, always innovating and harnessing the latest technology in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic surgery, we make sure that these are always incorporated both in its services and products.

And I believe they truly practice it. They give service by heart and they treat you as family.

Before I went through my facial, I requested for a relaxing massage.
I admit I'm a fan of massages, but honestly, this experience was superb! As in, this is the first time I had this kind of massage. It's a fusion of traditional massage and alternative therapeutic strokes to improve blood circulation and pain relief. I recommend this one also.

It was my first time to have a facial treatment, I was nervous and at the same time excited! And wow. the results after my first experience was very good! 
No pain, no red blotty marks after, and yes, smooth and fresh look over all.

As for my choice of facial treatment that day, I chose the Diamond Peel prime, this precise whitening facials inhibit tyrosinase, a key protein responsible in the melanin production (brown pigment) thus promoting a fairer, brighter and more even skin tone. This facial target dark skin, skin with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and skin with melasma conditions, truly an illuminant to the skin. This is very important for our skin specially for our face. I enjoyed this treatment so much. It was relaxing and rejuvenating. I literally felt my skin became smooth and radiant after the session.  

The total experience with Montage is excellent and I totally recommend it to everyone.
The facilities are clean and tidy. Their staff are all trained and courteous treating you like family, prices are also compatible with the services they offer, It's worth your money and time.
And oh yes, I enjoyed my led sesh looking like jabawokee on this photo. haha ,kidding aside, looking good and feeling good about yourself is important in our whole being, and yes, Montage can help you with that.

Visit a nearest branch near you, head on over to for details! 
I'm confident that after this experience, you will have a new perception about facials. well, thats what I had experienced. I'm definitely going back here.

Thank you Montage Family for having me.
Stay blessed!

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