Seize the Day

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Most of our days are based on routines. We go through a series of things to do list that we do not even accomplish them. In that manner,
 we tend to panic and as a result, we are stressed out.

This is exactly my struggle before. I got bored of the usual tiring routine I had that I ended up being burned out. Because of my desperation to overcome this, I did a lot of searching. After some studying and researching about this, I have discovered that being satisfied after a day of work cannot be found through studies and google. It is more like of an applied learning that we can truly understand how to conquer each day.

Applied learning for me was that I have discovered a way where in we can have peace, joy and contentment amidst the busy world we have. And that is having an intimate relationship with Jesus. It is like having your bestfriend with you always. This is how I seize the day everyday.

Reading the word of God, meditating on it day and night taught me how to face life's challenges on a different perspective, It not how I am going to live this life, It's how do I glorify His name through the things I do.

It is not about me, It's always about Him.

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Stay Blessed Friends!

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