Waiting on God

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One of the most inevitable fact in this world is waiting. The world today is so used to having things quickly and right away. Instant coffee, Instant noodles,we want things in an instant!

In God's economy, we should learn to wait before we get results. Im personally is in this season of waiting. I just had this thought of sharing to you what I have learned during this process. It is also in line with the characters in the bible that depicted on how waiting on God can give results that are best for us and what getting ahead of God can bring consequences. 

Just like Sarah, Abraham's wife, Im also waiting to have a baby. I had the same characteristics as Sarah's. I was impatient and doubtful. This story showed that when we put matters into our own hands, we can acquire terrible consequences. Sarah had been waiting for God's promise to them to have children,  at her advanced maternal age and bareness,  she saw herself in doubt and in the state of impatience. That is why she said to her husband to sleep with his servant Hagar and bear a son. Soon in this story she succeeded on her plan but suffered the results of not waiting on God. Soon God carried out his plan for Sarah and Abraham, they had a son named Isaac. It brought them so much joy for God's promise was finally fulfilled. As for my story, I am glad and blessed that God delivered me from doing the same mistakes Sarah did. He had assured me of the fulfillment of his promises in spite of my circumstances. I am still waiting for my breakthrough. I know and I believe God is working.
While waiting, I will pray, worship and serve Him.

Waiting on God is not easy. You can be tempted to bail out, give up and wallow on the situation. But we can always choose to hope and wait expectantly. Enjoy God's goodness and faithfulness while he is still working in our lives.

The key point in order for us to wait on God effectively is to always meditate on his word and promises. God promised that we will have a  future and a hope and our hope is in Christ.
It will never put us to shame. 

Ending this with a verse that I hold on to while I am waiting.

This vision is for the future time.
It describes the end and it will be fulfilled.
It may be slow in coming, wait patiently for it will surely take place.
It will not be delayed.

Habakkuk 2:2-3

Have hope, God knows your desire, He is working on it. Trust Him.

Special thanks to:
BLACKSTYLECHINITA for the bespoke sandals.
and ZAFUL for the posh skirt.

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