I wanna live for Him

Friday, November 11, 2016

Peace that comes from God is amazing. For many many years I have been searching for this kind of peace and joy..
I share this to you now so you wont waste your time going around the same mountain of your life trying to figure out what will make you authentically happy.

I don't have anything to brag about but having a relationship with God. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. It made my life more meaningful.

I am happy and contented of the overflowing blessings that God had given me.
From the new life God gave me and for all the amazing things that are about to happen.

I just want to thank God for his goodness and faithfulness.
I want to live for Him and let my life be a testimony of His glory.

God is so amazing. I can really see the good things that is happening in my life. 
I didn't know that unless I surrendered everything to Him. Then slowly, He turned my life into something wonderful.

It's all about seeking and knowing who Jesus is. By reading and studying the word of God in the bible.It will give you the whole picture of who God is.
He is the God of all gods, King of kings,the Lord of lords.
I'm very happy and excited with my new walk with Him. I can get to face my difficulties and victories in life,but now it's different, for I am with Him.

On me is a lovely dress from ZAFUL.
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Thanks and God bless.

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