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Monday, November 14, 2016

Doing blogposts is a passion of mine.. In the past few years, I had the wrong motivation in doing one.
I was driven by my ambition to be an amazing blogger that I lost the whole point of it.
It took a while to find my true passion and motivation in writing one.
Now, I'm glad that I finally found my true passion.

As you all now, before, I'm a fashion and style blogger. Yes, I still love fashion until now. But I have decided to give my blog a more realistic approach. What do I mean by being realistic? Yes, It's my new found life with God. My realizations, lessons learned.

I'm no more inclined to the world but rather, my joy and life is focused in Christ Jesus. I want to use my blog for the glory of His name..
Where ever this may lead me, I know that God is in control and He has a wonderful plan for me.

My seeking started when I got married, I wanted to know what is the essence of life is.. As I seeked Him, I got to know Him more deeply through people and circumstances.
Apparently, I found Jesus through my struggles. But because of that, I knew Him! I know it maybe too much to take,but trust me, It's the most incredible experience I have ever had.

Yes, up until now I still have struggles. But know, I can face it courageously and boldly. Enough of the worries and anxieties, We believe and declare the God is sovereign and all knowing,who is in control. He knows us and our names are written at the palm of His hands. With that, we can be confident in Him.

Imagine a God of the universe who created everything knows us, loves us and gave us His life for our salvation.. With this fact, It totally changed how I see life. I thank God He never left me.
I thank Him for the love and for the everlasting graces.

Ending this post with a grateful heart. Thank you Lord for everything.

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