Thursday, September 8, 2016

This was my last post that was edited for a blog entry. But like what I have mentioned before, I was in hiatus. But now, I have finally decided to go back to blogging.

Here's the story behind it. Last year, early 2015, when it all started. I lost my father due to a disease that lead me to quit my bad habits like smoking. I believe I had a post about it. After several months, I got married and started a new life. The life that I thought I have always wanted. But I was wrong, I thought that if I get married, had kids again, my life will be fulfilling. I gave up blogging to focus on my so called new life..

Then I began starting to feel empty. not that I didn't love my husband that I regretted marrying him, it's just that I was the type of person that kept on searching for things that can satisfy me. Our lives were fine except for the fact that we are some what like struggling to have a baby.. This was the turning point. I began searching everywhere, anywhere to find my answers so as to what I can do to achieve my dream to have a family.. I went to several doctors, advisers etc. but none of them helped me. Then one day, a good friend of mine started to talk about Jesus. His promises and the salvation He offered to us by dying on the cross. This was the biggest turning point in my life, it had changed me big time since then.

 I realized that all of the things that I wanted never ever really mattered because from the beginning, I already had a family. My daughter, I had her in my teenage years, my husband who loves me unconditionally and God. It all came to the point that I was depressed and desperate to the point of considering things that aren't godly as to what they say. But the Lord saved me from this mud and pit of hopelessness. He turned my mourning to dancing. My sadness into unimaginable joy. 

My whole life flashed back and there are so many revelations that made me understand things now.
Before, I was hungry for joy, peace & contentment that I tried to find it to some other things like people, career, money, status. But to tell you frankly, 
these are all worthless if you do not have Jesus in your life.

Having a personal relationship with Jesus was the best decision I have ever made. Accepting Him as my Lord and savior, surrendering everything to Him. making Him the author of my life gave me the sense of peace and fulfillment I have been long searching for. Now, I don't live a storm free life, but a storm proof life. I dedicate my life from now on for Gods glory. 
My blogging career, being a wife and a mother and all facets of my whole being are focused to Him. Words cannot fully explain what Jesus did to me. My life journey itself is a living testimony that we have a great and mighty God.

As I continue with my journey, join me as we continually know who Jesus is.
I'm just starting and I cant wait to experience more. I'm no longer what I used to be, I may not have the things I want now,but I trust God's timing and  that He is control. 
I trust Him with my whole life.

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