Monday, October 26, 2015

Change is really good,if it's for the better. And this is what I'm going through in my life right now.
I feel refreshed and new. And it feels so good.

Getting into a change can be exciting and sometimes, confusing. But all we have to do is trust and let God rule our lives. Being human is really tough, 
but when we have Him on our lives, I'm sure it's going to be great!

Let me just walk you through the outfit I wore for a family day in Subic. My top is from ANCRISTOBAL ONLINESHOP, Paired with a loose pants from H&M
Accessories to make the outfit an oomph! What do you think about this look?

Coming up with an outfit can also be tricky, but you know what? I discovered something!
Zalora came up with an order guide to make our shopping more hassle free! Isn't that amazing? We can do our online shopping, fuss-free! 
Get to know more what I'm talking about HERE. and I'm sure you're going to like it!

I'm glad about life! Before, I had many ups and downs, well, up until now. But honestly, It's much more easier now. I have peace in my heart, and slowly, I'm going to get there. 
I believe that something good is going to happen to me and through  me!

And this is all for the glory of God! What an amazing life we have! Everytime, let us count our blesssings and thank the Lord for the great things we are blessed!

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