blue moon

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

There is more to life. Hi everyone! I'm excited to have my first blogpost as a married lady! Omg, yes! It finally came true! The feelings were all mixed up. I was excited, frightened and frantic. But then again I realized many things during the time I was preparing for my wedding day.

I learned how to be patient,kind and matured. Now I know what life is. It's not about having fun and being a nomad. It's more of the reality of it that comes with life. 

This is a big turn about for my life and my career as well. I wont be leaving blogging,I will just make some changes in it.. I will try to tackle things about marriage, being a good wife, relationships, motherhood and so on.. I will try to inspire and reach out to people that life is about failures, but in those failures, we learn to move on and be strong specially with the help of our Lord.

I'm both excited and anxious on what's in store for me now that I'm married. Will I be a good wife? A responsible mother? The light of  our family? Yes, I feel pressured, but I think that's all part of it. I should learn to embrace it and just enjoy every moment. 

Now, I know, truly, life is a continuous learning process. And I'm more than willing to learn.

On me;
dress: piperstore
necklaces: pretty little blings
sneakers: h&m
cardigan: itgirlscloset

Thank you!