god is good

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

At the beginning of this year, It was a big turnabout. My life changed 360 degrees.
I left my old habits that are not good for me. Changed my lifestyle and how I used to..It's really hard but I'm still struggling and trying my best to overcome everything.

There is just one reason why I made it. This is because of prayers. Yes, prayers that made me realize that life is nothing when we dont have the Lord in our hearts. Good or bad, these are blessings from God. This is what my mother always told me. And I still hang on to these words. God is good all the time and he will never forsake us. This is his promise to us. 

I admit I'm still struggling from life,but with God at my side, I know I can surpass everything. Because I know he is my savior. 
I'm so happy that the Lord has his ways on how he changes people. It's an amazing fact.

This blog is a gift from God. From this day forward, I will dedicate to him. I will do my best to reach people out there to know God.. I'm a living proof that sometime in my life, I was withdrawn by little faith. But now, I'm proud to say that we have a living God! and I truly believe in that!

God is good all the time!! This is my favorite praise songs that I listen to everyday. I'm sharing this to you for an inspiring and blessed day!!  Click HERE.

Godbless everyone! xx,mommy jaq

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