Tannery Manila, leathers are like diamonds

Friday, June 5, 2015

Travelling can be interesting with bags and accessories to be inlove at.
TANNERY MANILA certainly gives you that! Great news to all leather artisans. Tannery Manila is now open at the in Tiendesitas,Pasig. 
Whats so great about it, it's because they will be having a POP UP SALE this June 20-21,2015.

So what is TANNERY MANILA, Let me just give you a quick background on what this is all about.
The Tannery is a group of leather artisans dedicated to the production of high quality leather and leather goods. Coming from a long line of leather makers, the Hermoso family began the venture in 1901 and is considered to be the local pioneers of the industry. Through the years, it has perfected the leather making process, with a know-how passed on from generation to generation; adapting to modern manufacturing technology while retaining the classic and traditional methods.

Having acquired the unaltered and pristine leather making knowledge, the company excels and is indeed an expert in making superior quality leather goods for their present and prospective patrons. Tannery, with its expertise, has consistently delivered a wide array of timeless and classic pieces and has transformed the simple bag-making trade into an art no other company can match - masterpieces which are made to last.

The company offers nothing less than products of excellence, which, like leather, are ageless, enduring, sleek, and pay homage to tradition, and boast of being organic and eco-friendly.

Leathers are like diamonds..They are forever. Forever good in quality and style.

For more info about TANNERY MANILA,Visit their website HERE.

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