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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Today, We celebrate freedom and choice. A choice to be happy and resilient despite all the frustrating circumstances. I didn't planned this. But hey, life is uncertain you know.

I can't question the Lord why do we have to endure this kind of things. But faith is something that you believe in even though you can't see it. He has plan for us. A better plan.

I have already come along way in living my life... But I know I have so many things to offer and do more..

Moving forward to our ensemble for today which is perfect for a day out with friends. You know how significant people can make a whole lot of difference in coping. :) Incorporated the colors purple and blue! See how perfect the bag is, Bags can make or break the look, for this one, it truly made a fab impact. Speaking of bags, you might want to check out my latest discovery from ZALORA!click HERE for stylish bags for women from ZALORA Marketplace. They offer a whole new variety of bags and purses that is very affordable and yet stylish!

Back to what we are talking about.. So there, sorry for me being so emotional again. I just can't hide it. I want to share my insights so from there, we can get an inspiration on how to handle things. Well, at first, I was in denial. Denial of having rheumatoid arthritis( a painful disorder of the joints) Because I was just about to start my life.. But questions get into my mind if I can still manage it? But I know deep inside my heart, there is still hope. As long as we have faith.

coordinates: fashion infinity | sneakers: coach | bag: river island

"What matters now is we are still alive, from there, there is still hope."

xx,mommy jaq

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