keep the faith

Friday, April 10, 2015

Always keep the faith. Everything happens on the right timing. And yes, with the Lord's right timing.
I always thought that I'm the owner of my life. What ever happens is always in my control,but I was wrong. Definitely wrong.

It's true that fruitful outcomes is due to perseverance and patience. To tell you honestly, I don't have that.. I don't have the patience and the enough faith to just believe that things happens with the will of the Lord. I rely on my own knowledge and will to take things in my own hands. But now, that is all crap! With a prayerful heart, I hang on to my faith and try my very best to have patience to endure everything.

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The best lesson learned that we must not rely on ourselves. We need the Lord for guidance and prudence to conquer life's own mishaps.
 I'm glad that I have learn to realize that as early as now.

Keeping your beliefs and dreams in a good perspective is also important into achieving one's happiness and success.

Slowly yet surely, I will succeed and achieve it. It is never too late. God has his own timing.

For now, I will just continue on whatever life has to bring. Treasure every moment and minute of it.
Stay happy and be happy..

xx,mommy jaq

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