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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's almost a month since the passing away of my hero. My dad. The pain is still there.
I always think of him. His ways, his laughs and all of him.

As time passes by, I began to realize that my goal is not the one I should be focusing at.
My goal then was to overcome my pain of his loss. But just now, I knew that pain will never go away..You will just get used to it.

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Forcing ourselves to move on and quickly make the lives we want is not that easy. Literally not easy at all!! It's a matter of focusing the small steps we need to do to endure everything.

I know, up there, my dad is still watching over me. He is my guardian angel. His memories still lives on.. and from now on, I promise to do my best. 
Pick up the pieces on where I have left and be just who I am.. 

I will stop blaming circumstances and comparing myself to others. Because in reality, this is not a contest. My envy and greed made me a miserable person. I used to be a happy go lucky gal that turned into a serious grumpy one. This is who I am. I will stop pretending, stop being the "jaqui" that I'm not just to please people and earn their acceptance. It's wrong. I know I have come to realize this things with God's prudence. He led me to see things that made me wiser. And from this, I will fix and pick up the pieces of where I have left.

"I will use my pain as an instrument of strength to fight. Overcome all of this ill feelings and strive to get up, stand proud and live my life."

xx,mommy jaq

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