Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This post is a bit awkward one because it's the Holy Week. But this photos portraits a lot of emotions that I wanted to express. I claim my freedom from here.

People may judge me for how I am because of how I carry myself. Yes, I'm a fashion and style blogger that's why I opted to project myself as the best as I can be. From there, I can inspire people. But then again, some people may not understand that...They don't get it that this is just my outer look. I'm also human, who usually gets hurt and misinterpreted. 

Yeah,maybe it's my fault I get judged unfairly. This is because, before, I'm emotional and drastic. I was young then and I was not thinking of the consequences of my actions. 
I'm truly sorry about that.If I have the power to change the past, I will. But here I am now on a bridge where in I should prove myself that I'm not who people think I am. 

It's true that first impressions last. But for me, we have the choice to change that.. We cannot please everybody and I'm totally aware of it. The least thing we can do is to accept who we are and be proud of it. Make some changes if we can, but don't ever transform yourself into someone you are not.

swimwear: zoes fashionistashub | sunnies: sissy shoppe

For now, I leave you with this quote:

"Don't overdue things, just do what you have to do with prayers."
Treasure the people who believes in you and truly loves you,that's already more than enough.

xx,mommy jaq

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