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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thank God it's Friday! Though it doesn't always mean so much to me coz I don't have an office job that requires the 5 working days that we normally do. Teehee!

Today was a frantic day coz I was supposed to go to my doctor again,but you know how it feels like you want to have a break? I don't want to think of it much.. I'm getting tired from all the usual tests and the waiting game that goes along when you want to know what is wrong with you. You get the picture?

What made this ensemble even more gorgeous it's because of this necklace from TOPPS COLLECTION. You know how accessories can make or break a look right? 
And this one totally made it!

Anyhow. Wore this look for a day going to a business meeting. Though lately, it's not doing good, but I still hang on. I know things will get better someday. "tiwala lang" :)

rompers: pink boudior | blazar: the pink room shop | necklace: topps collection | shoes: kara zapatos

The rompers is from PINK BOUDIOR paired with a blazer top from THE PINK ROOM SHOP which I adore. It's very comfortable and it's so stylish!

"In his time, He will all things beautiful"

xx,mommy jaq

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