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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Today, I opened my eyes to a morning full of aches,but also full of hopes.
I'm struggling everyday to overcome pain and discomfort due to my RA condition. It's been 2 months now since I was diagnosed with that condition..
Yes, I'm in frequent pain,but I believe and hope that this will soon end.

Maybe it's the Lord's way for me to rest and take pause with my "busy life".
Maybe,he has plans for me.

 I must say that I truly believe in that. I believe that everything happens for a purpose. My condition is not wasted. Many realizations come upon me whenever I feel the agonizing pain of my disease. But this also makes me strong. A strong will to move on, accept it, and hope that I will feel better soon.

I cannot let my misery take me into damp waste. I should fight for it. The Lord let me have this,and I know he has a better plan for me.
 This is just the beginning, and I know it's a process.

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I must get up, try to live each day like a normal one and just be glad that I'm still alive. 
Waking up every morning is a blessing. A chance to have new hope, an opportunity for dreams to be fulfilled. As long as we hang on,
Have faith!

xx,mommy jaq

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