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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today and the rest of the days passed was pretty much a whirl wind to me. I have been experiencing a lot lately including pains. Physical pain though I may add.

Through my previous posts, I have narrated that I have been in and out of the doctor's clinic for regular check up. I have experiencing joint pains which are so painful specially in the morning. The doctor suspects it's RA (rhuematoid athritis) which is an auto immune disease that attacks my joints resulting to tender and painful fingers and toes. 
I don't know how to take it coz of the too much pain I'm experiencing. I'm on a 2 months period of treatment and I hope it will make it all better soon.

This is the reason why I am in hiatus lately. I cannot even make my fingers to type for a blogpost. But somehow, today, I'm pretty much managing it. I know that life must go on. 
I have so many health issues lately. One is that I also want to have a baby soon. But I don't know if the odds are with me specially now that I'm going through this. It's simple to say to count your blessings and be happy for what you have, But when you experience pain, it's a whole new different story.. But what else can a pessimistic outlook in life do to us? 
It will just ruin our body and soul. What we must do is to stay with our high spirit.

Recently also found out that my dad is also sick again with Pneumonia and suffers from COPD. 
I always pray to the Lord to help me and my family go through with this challenge in life. I'm apologizing if I sound negative coz of this post. 
I just want to share my insights and thoughts of what I'm undergoing.

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I hope somehow, this post can touch other lives that is also undergoing the same thing. We cannot hold our lives for what we want it to be. 
Hence, we must always put a strong trust to God. That he is in control and He knows what's best for us.

Honestly speaking, This year played a huge toll in my life. I have given and exerted effort to stay fit and healthy coz  of health problems. Before, I'm on a strict diet, but now. I just watch what I eat and don't count on my calories anymore. I sleep early, get 6 to 8 hours of sleep and dropped smoking. Maybe the Lord has plans for us and I strongly believe in it.

I'm on a bridge of what's in store for me in the future..Trust is always the key. 
I know it's very hard..but we should stay focus..

"We have a risen God, and He will never forsake us."

xx,mommy jaq

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. I have been dealing with severe RA for a number of years. I have had joint replacements and other surgeries because of the issue. Recently I found a natural way to deal with the pain and chronic inflammation. If you are interested in learning more about what I am using check out https://www.facebook.com/AJsNaturalWay?fref=ts. As some questions there is you wish. I will ask my wife to post some infor. There about what has been working for me.