Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Entitled this post "reborn" for the reason that I have felt like it. As time passes by, I have encured many thoughts and moments to linger and ponder. One thing is how can I improve my craft as a blogger. My blog has been up and live to the public for 2 years now and I know that I have still so much to offer.

But I was left clueless. Clueless on what to give to my readers. I want to be an inspiration to all of them and be the role model though I have so many mishaps. 
One thing is that I'm proud to say is that yes, I'm already 35 turning 36,but I opted to choose to feel and look young.

Furthermore, The ootd for today is a bit on a youthful theme. Wore the top from THE BERRYTOPS paired with a skirt from BREAK MY CLOSET
The material and quality I must say, is superb! I'm pretty much amazed on how their apparel can be so much glamorous! 

top: the berry tops | necklace: topps collection | skirt: break my closet | bag: get2gobags | sandals: pinkytoes Ph

Feeling a little bit edgy but excited! Guys, I really want to hear from you, your ideas, thoughts, comments or suggestions. 
Please do comment down below for anything that you wish to impart.. I'll be waiting! :)

What else can I offer? A segment on featuring the latest sale or best deals in the Metro? How about food blogging? hehe :) I know, I'm a bit scattered. 
This is how I wanted to satisfy you my dear reader. :)

Just wait and see.. This is how I roll! It's gonna be big and brighter for STYLEDOM this year!

" Dream it, achieve it! "

xx,mommy jaq

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