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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dependency on anything is always bad. As for me, I have been open to what I'm undergoing as of the moment. I have realized how bad smoking can do to your health and decided to quit the bad habit. I have been dependent on it for a long time and It was truly a bad habit I must say.

I want to inspire people of all ages to quit the bad habit if you are hooked to it. Or if you are still not, better yet not to even try it. It's a total junk and waste of time! 
I have been through it and I may sound a nagging mom here, but yes, It is a very stupid thing you can do, to even start smoking.

On a lighter note, Our look is a chic and simple one. The top is from EVERYBODY CLOTHING. The back details of it is so cool and fab! 

Accessorized with my fave charm locket necklace from CHARMINGOODIES. I love how I can also mix and match the charms inside that can spell out my mood! ahihi! I just love it!

top: everybodyclothing | headband: forever 21 | charm necklace: charmingoodies | bag: h&m | shorts: zara | sandals: topshop

So what do you think of this look and my emotera post? haha Kidding aside, I'm serious about telling you guys how hard it is on giving up something that has been part of your life. 
But remember that if it's not good for you, give it up before it's too late.

" Respect and love yourself,in that manner, people will love and respect you as well."

xx,mommy jaq

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