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Monday, January 12, 2015

New year and new life as what they say.. It applies to me as well.
I have been considering many things and thinking of pursuing it.

Started my blog last Sept 28,2012.. She is now 2 years old and I believe that she has come a long way..
However, I want  to make some improvements on it. Not only my blog,but my whole life. 
As you all know, I'm a single mom. My daughter is now 18 years old. I'm already 35 and I want to settle things. In the year 2015, I wish to get married. 
Yeah,it's kinda pressuring and all but hey, I still want to see my youngest child grow up just like her ate. I know that life can offer more to me, and I'm ecstatic about it.
 I want to make my life remarkable. Not only for my children,but also for myself.

Moving on to my ootd, Wore this whole outfit for work. I had a meeting and this ensemble was pretty comfy I must say. 
Top and bf jeans from RIPPLES. Paired with a canvass bag from SEA SHOP which is so "uso" by the way. 

Sunnies from STUFF AND SHOP is so unique and stylish! I just love them! And ofcourse, the Marla chunky sandals from PINKY TOES is such a darling! 
The insole is cushioned for comfort! 
And yes, they have achieved it! Style and comfort in one pair. These are the 2 main things we must always consider in choosing shoes.
 I totally recommend it to all fashion fervors out there!

op&jeans: ripples | hat&belt: forever 21 | marla sandals: pinkytoes | bag; sea shop | sunnies: stuff and shop

And so we go back to my kuwento about life. Yeah, I think I'm a bit emo this past few days.. maybe because of the hard phase I'm facing? (nicotine withdrawal) It's so freakin hard! ugghh! Oh how I wish I shouldn't have started smoking. My advice: Don't ever start!

I have come across the internet where in nicotine withdrawal may cause depression and I think that is why I'm feelin' a bit melancholic. 
But I'm proud of what I have undergone and I will surpass it! I can't give up now just because I'm having a hard time, I will do this!

For now, as they say.."tiis tiis muna.." "Block the pain,It's just discomfort,"
and to quote my friend Ariel for this.. Take care,ciao! 

xx,mommy jaq