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Monday, January 19, 2015

Have you ever felt that your'e caught in between choices that you have to make?
And the more you think about it, it gets more confusing?

For the past few weeks,this is exactly how I feel. I'm torned in between whether I will let go on the thing I love dearly to have the life I always wanted. Do I even make sense?
I hope so, let us just get down to the main thing, I want to raise my family already. My daughter is now 18 and I look forward on having a baby again. But there are many circumstances that hinders it. I don't want to go further on the details coz it might take all the pages of this post of mine. Bottomline is, Life is hard,and I truly know that,specially right now.

I just always turn into God for prudence and guidance. For him to give me the sign and the patience to surpass my dilemma. Actually, I don't want to rant again and again.
Coz I know that behind all of these, I still trust and have faith that the Lord has a plan-a perfect plan for me.

dress: fashionbar101 | necklace: toppscollection | sandals: vanilla twist | bag: purse lab

Fell inlove at first sight with this necklace from TOPPS COLLECTION. Look how lovely it is! Its gorgeous and fashion forwarded in all aspects! Guess what? this is from Macau!
Yep.all the way from there, that explains why it's so unique! I can imagine donning several ootds wearing this! Watch out for it guys! So excited about it!

As for our ootd,this one is worn perfectly! You know why? The dress is just lovely! It's from FASHION BAR 101.
The material is in high quality and the style? Well, as you can see, it's pure stylish!

Bags from PURSE LAB are for keeps. They are pretty inside and out. You get what I mean? Well,literally, the inside of this bag is stitched very well for durability.
The outside then is styled for perfection! Speaking of perfection,sandals from VANILLA TWIST is a sure win for comfort and style!

Routing over to what we are talking about, so then that is.. The fact of life is sometimes unfair. But amidst all, having faith and trust will help me surpass this. I know that....

"Bet on it, we are going to make it! With the Lord at our side, we can!"

xx,mommy jaq


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  2. You'll never know what life throws at you and yes, it is unfair, cruel and frustrating. But guess what? It is also a huge source of inspiration, a learning experience and a lovely medium for us to enjoy God's creation to the fullest. And with your bright vibrance and oozing positivity and faith, I believe nothing can go wrong. You are where you are because God lets you decide what's best. This, too, shall pass. More powers, Jacqui! :)

    By the way, you look lovely with our dress, thank you for the kind words, love!

    -Joan, Fashion Bar