Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Since last night, I wanted to write a blogpost, but was tired and exhausted from the too much stress and anxiety I'm undergoing lately..To tell you guys frankly,
I'm on a verge of taking things to a higher level, For the year 2015, I wanted to make a difference. I want to travel, see the world and consider things that I have never done before.

Right now, I feel stagnant, stucked up in a situation that has no changes long before. I won't be writing up all the details. But long story short, I'm not getting any younger. 
There are so many things life has to offer. And I know it will be great. And I'm ecstatic to experience it!

For the look, I wore a top from ONDIT CLOTHING which is super perfect for the cold season we are experiencing. The material is oh so fab! 
The color is Marsala which by the way is the color of the year. It's the color of the red wine.

top: ondit clothing | pants&bag: forever 21 | accessories: foreverwishes | sandals: kara zapatos

Wore the stylish and comfy sandals ever from KARA ZAPATOS.  I can practically wear them the whole day! I love the color too! It matched our ensemble.

How about you? Do you sometimes feel tired of the whole situation? Have you ever felt that you need to step up to a new level and do something about your life?

That is practically I'm feeling right now. But I know that God has so much in store for me. Maybe, I should learn the art of the virtue patience.

"Being in limbo is bad, but you can do something about it,step up and move on!"

xx,mommy jaq

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