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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pheow,what a day. It was a pretty hectic one...I offered everything that has happened to me for the day to the Lord. Coz I know that everything happens for a purpose.

I woke up today feeling a bit edgy and anxious. My feet and hands where feeling tingly and numb. It's pretty alarming coz I know how bad auto immune diseases are rampant today.
 I felt so worried and afraid. But what really hightened my anxiety was the case of my daughter Pauline. She has been sick for quite some time now and we don't know where is it coming from. Yeah, It sounds ridiculous because everyone is getting sick. That is why I had a very tough day. I accompanied Pauline to a specialist and she went through a painful procedure to treat her sickness. It pains me to see my child in a lot of discomfort..

top: glitzy glam shop | cullotes: by threes | sandals: kara zapatos | bag: river island | necklace dang fabfinds

Our look is made of a savvy chic one. I see to it that everything was kept on the same hue. Gold and some chicness on it! Top from GLITZYGLAMSHOP is a total bomb! 
I wore the bottoms of the fab coordinates from BY THREES. Yup,this one has a top that matches it, will sport it on some of my ootds very soon! 

How do you dig my sandals from KARA ZAPATOS? Such a pretty baby right? This is also available in other colors that you will surely adore!

Going back to my story.. So there, I'm so sorry guys, I have to write up some rants again..huhubels. You know naman my blog is my outlet lang. No, seriously, this is my diary. 
It eases up my feelings when I write. Its like I'm talking to a friend.. a friend like you. 

I hope you won't get tired of hearing me out by reading my kuwentos and insights.. I want to know your thoughts too! I'll make bawe to all of you I promise that! 
hmm how about some fashion tips for the year 2015? Whatcha think? Lemme know!! :))

xx,mommy jaq

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