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Thursday, December 11, 2014

"zup dolls? How are all doing today? I hope all is well. :)
Have you ever wondered on what to wear for the Holidays and Christmas eve? A lot has been asking me on what are the fads and trends for this season..
Actually,there is no certain trend that we should follow. It's more of a self expression. Wear what you want, and flaunt it with much confidence.

But then again, I know we need a guide or some tips on how to dress up this Christmas season. A lot of parties going on and more ganaps! The weather is a bit cold so we might as well cover up with a coat or wear a sweater! As for this look,donning a fur tunic from ONDIT CLOTHING which by the way is oh so fabulous! They are also offering a wide variety of trendy pieces like tops, skirts, sweaters and a whole lot more! Follow them on instagram HERE to know more about this new and trendy online shop I have come around. :)

As for the accessories, golds and silvers can never go wrong this season! It always add up glam and glamour to every look! Sporting a dainty necklace from DANG FABFINDS added interest and compliment to the ensemble. This online shop also offers a lot of branded accessories like f21,h&m, and much more! Go ahead and check them out!

top/shorts/heels: forever 21 | necklace: dang fabfinds | fur tunic: ondit clothing | sunnies: sissyshoppe

My sickest sunnies from SISSY SHOPPE is what I call the "bomb" the shape and style gives the sophisticated theme I have always wanted!

For the make up by the way,always remember to put a light one when it's at day time and darker shade if it's at night time.. A dark red lippy will do the trick! 
Plain and simple dress can transform into a fabulousoooh one when your make up is perf! This is the ideal accessory for me. :)

This outfit was worn on a day time event that is why I opted to wear something on a neutral tone.

And so, we have a busy weekend ahead! Waahh my birthday is really fast approaching! Getting a year old again! geesshhh! 
Oh well,that's a part of life! See yah around guys! Happy partying this Holidays!

xx,mommy jaq

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