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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hi guys! How are you holding up with the Holiday rush? Ugghh! feels so tiring right? 
Last minute gift shopping plus we are all preparing for the feast on Christmas eve. 

But what's good about it is that we are busy yet happy! This only happens once a year so we must take advantage and make the best out of it right? 
Celebrate it with your loved ones and that is the true essence of xmas.

Channeling a bit on my outfit post for tonight, Wore this "all white ensemble" which I adore!
I love white! Yeah, it's my fave color! Anyhow, wanted to make the impression of a stylish backpacker for this ootd. As you can see,wore a comfy flowy top from TOSS
It has lining and the material is superb and breezy. :)  Like what I have mentioned, all white theme is our look, paired it with a pair of white cullotes from PINK BOUDIOR, It's stretchy and very dainty. Sandals from SHOEZETTE which is one of my fave because it's oh so comfy and light to wear!

Getting groovy on my back pack today courtesy of THE BAG SIDE. The material is very fashion forwarded. It's leather and it's shiny! 
I feel so confident when I carry this baby around! Two thumbs up for this piece! :) Thank you guys!

top: toss | hat: forever 21 | bag: the bagside | sandals: shoezette | cullotes: pink boudior | blings: pretty little blings

Blings, but ofcourse,gorg pieces from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS which is hot for the season!
 Go grab one of yours too!

And so I'm off to make some "backpacking" errands.. haha do I make sense? geesh. 

xx,mommy jaq

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