sweet christmas

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Torned. That is all I can say right now. Christmas is really getting near and still I don't feel it honestly speaking,

I want to feeelll it! but I have a lot of mishaps right now. Pardon me for this post of some kind of a emo peg. It's just that my blog serves as my diary as well. I release all my emotions and thoughts in writing. My family is undergoing a great toll of problems coz both of my parents are sick. It pains me to see them suffer.
If only I could do something to spare them from their sufferings.

coordinates: fashion infinity | bag: get 2 go bags| watch: house of looms | charm locket:
charmin goodies | sunnies: allaboutherph | sandals: luscious closet

The charm locket necklace from CHARMINGOODIES tells my story. With my name and my passion in it. Blog! As I have said, my blog is my diary which helps me to be a better person inside and out! Plus the fact that the necklace locket charms can be changed into something that tickles your fancy! I love it dearly!

On a lighter note, my ootd is composed of a sweet themed look. The floral coordinates is from FASHION INFINITY which I adore coz of the dainty prints! It can also be paired to any kind of bottoms or top as well! Accessorized with a sunnies from ALL ABOUT HER PH which made the look more interesting!
The paracord survival watch from HOUSE OF LOOMS added more glam and glitz to the whole ensemble.

Bag from GET 2 GO BAGS is a versatile piece that can be paired to any outfit coz of the color and style! I love it soo much! My daughter loves it too!

Comfy and posh juju sandals from LUSCIOUS CLOSET is so adorable!
 I can wear this the whole day if ever! It's so comfy and pretty!

Oh well, back to what we are talking about, There is just one realization in all of the things happening to my life right now. Don't ever rant! Every problem has it's solution!
It's just how we have faith and patience in facing all of it. I know God will never forsake us. He has his plans and I trust him.

Ending this post with a quote.

"Life is unfair and difficult, but at the end, the sun will always shine."

xx,mommy jaq

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