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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh yes! Today is the day. Waaahh It's my birthday and I turned 35. 
I have many realizations in my 35 years of existence.

Before, I spent my bday all night partying. Now, I know, I already graduated from that era. 
I will spend it at the church and just a simple dinner with friends and family. It's really different when you age na, priorities change na talaga! ahihi :) But kidding aside, Bdays are important to me,this holds a mark of you being wiser and for the past year, you must keep the moral lessons you have earned.

dress; sweet pill | sunnies: stuffandshop | lip color; zoe's cosmetics | bag; foreverwishes | sneaks: topshop | necklaces: pretty little blings | 5 panel cap: salutestreetstyle

Wearing a dose of red for my bday ootd. Dress from SWEET PILL BOUTIQUE is super nice! The cut makes the illusion of being slim,which by the way, I needed most. 
Spiced up with necklaces from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS made it more fab! 

Incorporated with black hues to break the monotonous peg. 5 panel cap from SALUTE STREET STYLE is a gorg piece, 
Plus I wore the posh sunnies from STUFF AND SHOP that I adore!

A sporty yet chic ensemble for today! Wish me luck on my birthday! I hope all is going to be well.

Thank you again so much guys for the continuous support to my blog. I love you guys!

xx,mommy jaq

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