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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Back to basics and back to my fave color mint! I love wearing casual attires for typical busy day!

The ensemble is very comfy,but let us not forget the style. We always want to aim that! 
Wore the sunnies from GLASSES SHOP also made the look an interesting one. I'm looking forward for many ootds wearing it!

Donned the cute polka dots mint top from CARENZELA COUTURE. I'm also fond of pastels. it gives the free spirit and the dainty feels. 
The ruffled details gave the top also the girly approach. 

Oh the yellow bag is oh so cutey! This is from PURSE LAB. The material and the quality is high quality I must say. The tip in sporting flashy color bags is that you always make sure that your attire is always on the right theme. As for this, Pastels is our theme. So yellow is perfect for this ootd! Incorporated with mint green,white and pink!

So how do you like our look for tonight? It's very achievable and easy to wear right?

See you around guys! Hope to catch you all tomorrow at the Christmas Madness Bazaar at the Metrotent, Metrowalk, Ortigas. 
Visit PURSE LAB'S booth as well! We are all waiting for you there! Ciao! 

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