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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cheers! For it's the time to be jolly! Christmas is getting even more exciting!
Have you ever wondered what is the real essence of it?

For me,it's not about the parties,the food we prepare at Christmas eve or the gifts we give. It's about the love and forgiveness we share to the people around us. 

Let me just walk you through the ootd I wore. The rompers is from KATORSE CLOTHING which is an advanced birthday gift by my generous sponsors and lovely owners Bianca and Ralph Valle. I have been friends with them for some time now and I must say that these kind of people are for keeps. 
Thank you so much guys for all the support from my day 1 of my blogging career. I love you to bits!

rompers: katorse clothing | hat: fabchic shop | sandals; barbie 

When I was still a kid, Christmas is the much awaited event of the family. We go to church together, eat our Holiday feast,and exchange gifts..
That's all that matters to me back then,but now,It's all different.What is important is that we stay close and love one another.

I hope all of us will have a memorable Holiday. And celebrate the Christmas with the true value of it.

xx,mommy jaq

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