green day

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What a nice day to start up and do things that we need!
Yep, a full day can sometime be not enough for us to accomplish everything,but we need to do it and be productive..
At least we still have things that provide us to make a living right?

We sometimes neglect how blessed we are. We always rant on things and find faults on everybody. For me,being human and ranting is just normal, but we should always remember that we are always showered with many gifts. I remember the homily last Sunday, The priest told us that people always tend to say; "sorry,walang wala kasi ako ngayon eh.." are you sure? You have nothing? think again, the food you eat,the air you breathe, your shelter,your family, Are those not blessings? The priest emphasized.

Sharing one of those blessed days wearing this kind of ootd. Top is from TIANGGE QUEEN that is very breezy and fab in material and style.. 
Then incorporated with a flounce skirt fromMIGIELITO CLOTHING that is stretchy so it will best fit all sizes! 
My footwear from KARA ZAPATOS is so pretty and oh so comfy!! You must own one! Trust me!

The reality of life is inevitable.. We encounter situations we cannot control. Acceptance is the soul key to surpass it.. 

xx,mommy jaq

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