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Friday, December 5, 2014

It's a weekend once again! How are you guys feeling today? Me, yeah, a bit tired and preoccupied with a lot of things.. Yet, still managing..

top: pink boudior | skirt: pixiedust | sandals: cerafin online shop | sunnies: sissyshoppe | necklace: pink outside the box | bag: mix and much 

My look is of more of a girly chic ensemble. Wore this top from PINK BOUDIOR which is stretchy in material and fashion forwarded! Paired with a floral skirt from PIXIE DUST
It's actually a skorts. I'm always fond of this kind of skirts because it's very comfy to move around!

This interesting bag from MIX AND MUCH is a versatile piece. Can you imagine having like 4 bags in one! Yep! This is it! It has many components that you can mix and match to create your stylish bags! The one I'm sporting right now is the blue and orange one that you can opt to have the components changed with a zipper and some few tools! What made it more interesting is the fact that it can extract your creative juices into creating your very own stylish bag! The idea is very fashion forwarded specially to all those bagaholics out there! 
Trust me, owning this one can make all your "bag cravings" satisfied! You can go ahead and check them out HERE. for more info about this posh bag.

Accessories like this necklace from PINK OUTSIDE THE BOX is the key to make the ootd a fab one! It gave life to the look which I must say, is very trendy! 
Plus the sunnies from SISSY SHOPPE totaled the package for great look!

Mandals and more mandals, I'm such an addict to this! This is courtesy of 
CERAFIN ONLINE SHOP. It's oh so trendy and comfy!! This is also available in many styles that I'm sure you will also love!

And so I'm off to a bazaar! haha tindera mode! Hope to see you at the CHRISTMAS MADNESS BAZAAR at the metrotent, metrowalk, Ortigas. 

xx,mommy jaq

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