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Monday, December 15, 2014

Pheow! So drop dead tired! haha but still,I manage to write a blogpost tonight! Ofcourse,that's how I love you guys!
 I always want to be updated with all the ganaps with you! So,how are you doing?

Last weekend,spent it with work. Being a blogger can be tiring but! a big BUT! I'm enjoying it and loving it so much!
Visited the recently concluded TREND SETTERS BAZAAR yesterday and it was a blast! Oh how I love bazaars! I admit, I'm a #bazaaraddict teehee!

Speaking of bazaars, I'll be having once again at the CHRISTMAS MADNESS BAZAAR at the Metrotent, Metrowalk Ortigas. And you know what? this is going to be on my birthday! Yipppee! Gonna spent it with you guys! See us once again and get exciting prizes,best buys and bargains!
Gonna sale all my stuff from php 20-php 300! Yup! all items for as low as that! So hurry and catch you all there!

Ayyyyee! Finally got to sport this balenciaga inspired bag from FOREVER WISHES ONLINE!  I love it soo much! It's easy to carry around plus its so durable!
The quality and material I must say is high class. I totally recommend it for those active on the go days! This is also available in several posh colors. I personally love the pink one too!

For our ootd, Wore a cocmfy top from AK COLLECTIONS which is breezy and can be paired into any kind of bottoms coz of it's simplicity and color. So cool!
Opted to wear dolphin shorts from ALL ABOUT HER PH which is high waisted,
As a mom, I have stretch marks or what they call battle scars. High waisted bottoms can always do the trick! I love it!

My new comfy pal from VANILLA TWIST. This sandals is such a darling! It's shimmer and supppeeerr comfy!! The style is also versatile and up to the trend.
My daughter love it too! More ootds of me and Pauline strutting it!

top: ak collections | shorts: all about her ph | sunnies: oh sunnies | necklace: pink outside the box | bag: foreveriwishesonline | sandals: vanilla twist

And so that' about it! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! Yep, It's going crazzyy I know, But hey,this happens just once a year!
So let's just have fun,take it easy and spread the love for Christmas!

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