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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today I'll be posting some ideas on how to wear a maxi skirt. Some of you might be afraid on how we sport it. 
For today's post, We will be featuring the maxi skirt from AK_ COLLECTIONS.

I opted to pair it with a posh top from RIPPLES. This is a comfy and stylish piece. My theme for the look is a monochrome one.
We can never go wrong with black and white. 

Actually, for wearing skirts like this, you can pair it with flats like I did here, 
This is from CERAFIN ONLINE. Then made sure that we stay on the same chrome by using a leather bag from FOREVERWISHES. The theme of the ootd is an edgy one. 
What's nice about this kind of skirts is that you can wear it at a formal or casual event. So here's the trick,it's the footwear that matters. Wearing heels will make it look formal, 
Flats can now claim a casual peg. So,the footwear is the make or break of the ootd.

Accessories is also fundamental. Sunnies from STUFF AND SHOP played an important role for this ootd. Look how it added oompph!

top: ripples | skirt: ak_collections | sandals: cerafin online | bag: foreverwishes | hat: forever 21 sunnies: stuffandshop

What can you say about it guys? For any questions or any thing, Just feel free to ask me! 
Comment down below!

"Wild,young and free! ~ atleast,that's how I feel."

xx,mommy jaq

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