Monday, December 1, 2014

As this blogpost's title goes.. "addiction" it spells out my true feelings about blogging..

I write not only to share my ideas about fashion but to also impart myself to it. This serves as my outlet whenever I feel sad, happy and all that mixed emotions..
 I feel the addiction and the rush whenever I put down words on every blogpost I publish.

The paracord survival watch is a very interesting piece. It's a watch that has many uses! Why? coz of it's strap which is made of cords or strings 
that can be used in case of emergency! A handy rope it is!And yes! Did I mention that it is so posh and fab? I like it very much. Specially the gold and intricate details! 
You can go ahead and have yours at HOUSE OF LOOMS on instagram!

top: ripples by jenny | dungarees: jhajing | sandals: snh | socks: forever 21 | hat: fabchic shop | paracord watch: house of looms necklace: fashion spice manila

As my imparting goes.. Want to share the ootd I wore for today. Top is from RIPPLES BY JENNY that is perfect for the cold weather we have right now plus the fact that it is stylish. Paired it with dungarees from JHAJING that is so comfortable! Opted to wear this look for the recently concluded BFAS. 

Blogging is my life.. I can never get tired of doing it! I can just imagine me, on my 50's but still doin ootds! haha! That should me an interesting one! 

Leaving you a note to somehow think of, Do what you love... Do it while your'e still young! Achieve and believe!

xx,,mommy jaq

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