Monday, November 3, 2014

Last night, I had a memorable talk with a new friend who is also a blogger.
We are both on our mid 30's and we can feel the same sentiments.. We are on the same boat.

Being a blogger like what I have mentioned before is not that easy. It takes a lot of hard work,motivation and patience..My friend and I talked about it and how is it's very tedious.
New generation of bloggers are all here and out! For our situation,where in we are already in our 30's,this plays a difficult role..

But then again, we as our chitchat goes deeper and longer, we have come to realize that what really matters is that we are happy on what we are doing because we love our craft. 
It doesn't matter whether we still do ootd posts even though we are 40! As long as we can do it, why not right?

This goes to all the aspects of being a blogger. It's how you love what you are doing and not minding whatever people say about you,yes,it is important,but this is your blog. 
A diary of your thoughts and ideas. Write about your love and passion. That's what matters most.

For that manner, we go to our ootd, This look is worn at an afternoon bday party of a family member. 
It was an intimate event where in close family members had a great bonding time.

Wore the off shoulder top from PINK BOUDIOR that is so dainty. I love the cut, It can make you look slimmer! promise! :) 
Then partnered with a boyfriend jeans from VETUS SHOP incorporated the whole dainty look.

top: pink boudior | bf jeans: vetus shop | juju sandals: luscious closet | bag: fashion cravings

My accessories are made simple yet classy. The bag from FASHION CRAVINGS is just pure love! The fabric and the quality is superb I must say. 
Sported the juju sandals from 
LUSCIOUS CLOSET. This pair is so comfortable and adorable! 

Going back to our pep talk about life, so there, I admit, I'm getting old, feeling alot of pains and aches in my body,my energy is not that high anymore,but this does not stop me from doing what I love most. So if I were you,just do it! What ever happens, we have no regrets coz we did our best. 

xx,mommy jaq

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  1. As they say, 30 is the new 20! Cheers to being on our 30s! :)