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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hiyyeee! For tonight's post, me and my daughter is sporting the same top, we are going to show you how to possibly donn it in different ways.
For my outfit, it's more of a classy chic ensemble, and for her, it the edgy sporty gal! Browse through the photos and check out how we did it.
 Let us know if you like it by the way!Here it goes!

The palm tree prints is getting into the fashion trend lately. This top is from VANITY CHICK SHOP.
Me and Pots loved it so we opted to wear it both for ootd! hihi 

Like I said, this look is more of a classy chic theme. I wore a flounce skirt to express the girly side of the ootd. The hues were played on black and white.

To add oomph and interest, wore the yellow flats from TOPSHOP. This is also a trick in making a fab ootd, try mixing up bright colors to dull ones.

MY LOOK: top: vanitychickshop | skirt: rosewholesale | flats: topshop | necklace: the sm store | bag: get 2 go bags

So,how do you like my look? Now,it's Pauline's turn to flaunt her style!

She is totally loving her look! The top is paired with the leatherette lace shorts from FASHION INFINITY. Which by the way, she truly adores!

Like what I did, she wore bright colored shoes to add spice to the whole ootd! So edgy and sporty in one!

PAULINES LOOK: top: vanitychickshop | shorts: fashioninfinty | rubber shoes: pnminc 

Haha meet my fierce baby! totally striking a pose to the camera! click click!

And so,there you go! How do you like it so far? You want  more twinning ootds? Let us know! 
Catch you around guys! luv yah!

xx,mommy jaq

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