holiday rush

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Can you feel the Holiday rush? Traffic everywhere.. People are already putting up their xmas decors and wrapping their gifts!
 Hohoho advanced Merry Christmas everyone! (di naman ako excited rin.hehe)

Speaking of holiday rush. We can see more of the red hues for this season. It's festive and it spells out the Christmas spirit! For my top,this is courtesy of RIPPLES
It's very comfortable and breezy to wear! Paired with the vertical stripes skirt from PINK BOUDIOR. I love how this can play a trick on our ootds! 
It can make you look slim coz of the vertical lines. 

Bag from MAXENES CLOSET is one of my fave.. It's sturdy and it's handy! I love it to bits!

Accessorized a bit to add impact on the look.. The mandals is from A GIRL'S HAVEN. For those of you who are asking if it's comfortable, yes, it is! I can wear them the whole time! 
I wish the mandals craze will never fade off! hihi :)

top: ripples | skirt: pink boudior | bag: maxenes closet | sandals:  girl's haven | necklace: forever 21

I can't contain  my excitement! I'm super excited for the Holidays! And yes ofcourse, my birthday! ahihi!! One year older again! geesshh! :)

"Getting older can be scary,but we gain prudence,that is why it's all worth it."

xx,mommy jaq

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