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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My everyday dilemma includes what to wear on an everyday basis and for different kind of occasions. I know some of you feel the same way..
You don't want to look over or under dressed in each and every kind of event that you will go right?

And so, for our look of the day, this is just a simple yet classy ensemble where in you can sport it at a different occasion. 
The tip is always on the footwear and the accessories you incoporate.

The make up is also crucial for ootds. If you are attending a day time event, like a brunch meeting or simply a day at school or at the office, it's best that you do your make up on a light touch. Go for heavy ones when you go on evening events like parties and such. Red lippy and smokey eyes will never go wrong!

top,necklace & shorts: forever 21 | bag: maxenes closet | pumps: primadonna

Actually,my top is a dress. I just sported it as a top to make it more interesting. This is what I love about fashion. You can be experimental and just have fun!

This kind of shorts are getting into the trend. The loose fit shorts that is so comfy and stylish!
 I'm happy this kind of pieces are getting into the fashion bandwagon.

What can you say about the look? Pls. tell me! haha I want to know your thoughts about it! :)

"I'm lost like the dust in the wind,but I will fly and stride to it until I reach my goal."

xx,mommy jaq

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