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Friday, November 7, 2014

They say that red emphasizes strength. And this is what I really need right now..

Been through a lot lately, My family has been undergoing problems which involves discrimination.
I won't be getting into details but to make the story short, Let us put it this way,When you are not filthy rich, people will step on you and judge you. 
It makes my heart sad when people treat us this way..

But I know what really matters is what the Lord thinks of us. It is better to be stepped upon by others rather than you hurting them.. 
Always do good and the God will see it and reward you for it.

On a lighter note, The ensemble worn for today is a splash of colors like the american flag. I just find it interesting to incorporate colors like these! 
The top and skirt is from JUST CLOTHING PH. The material is excellent and breezy. Ideal for everday ootd or for parties as well.

Matched it with a gorgeous bag from AK_COLLECTIONS. I love this trapeze bag the moment I saw it! Look how it's oh so fabulous! 

top & skirt: justclothing ph | bag: ak_collections | heels: zara | sunnies: h&m

We all know that we all live in a cruel and unjust world. What keeps me going is how my family stays together amidst all the circumstances we are undertaking. 
It hurts me much when other people hurt my love ones.. But I know the Lord sees all of these. And in the end, we are still the heroes of our own story.

This is how I end this post of mine, leaving you thoughts to ponder and learn.. 
"Misery loves company..stay away from people who are enslaved by it, Be happy and gay,coz you are truly blessed."

xx,mommy jaq

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