choices and realities

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We all do have choices in life where in either we choose to be miserable or be happy.
Yes, I believe that it's always a choice. A choice to be happy or not.

As you have read for my past posts, I'm a bit on the edge lately. My family is undergoing problems which includes health and personal matters. And this is where reality sets in.. 
Now, how would you face that? For me, It's just a matter of acceptance. If we opt to be happy, we will be. Don't linger on things that will not help you be a better person, hence, always be kind, coz you never know what a person is undergoing.. And like what I always say, count your blessings.

But I don't want to discuss sad things on my post, I choose to be happy! So let us go ahead on our look for today. This top is from MIGIELITO CLOTHING
There is so much to say about this piece, but what really sets it apart from other pieces is definitely the color! You know how much I love hues on green! Like mint,moss green and such! So basically, 
I love this top to bits!

Talking about spacious and trendy? Well, GET 2 GO BAGS has it all! :)

My accessories were also on the same color scheme to make it on a uniform real. Wore the ever classic white! This color is always a winner! The necklace is from MONOGRAM MNL. The quality is superb! Matchy matchy with a comfy white mandals from SEWN. Made it more posh! What do you think?

top: migielito clothing | shorts:moca apparel | necklace: monogram mnl | bag: get2gobags | sandals: sewn

Shorts from MOCA APPAREL is also a catch! It's called dolphin shorts coz of the cut and style. Plus, it's floral! Oh so pretty!

Then again, Life is always and always a continuous battle. Let us all work and pray hard that what matters most is that we do good to others. If they hurt us,let them be, 
As long as you are not doing harm to them,this is the utter most important thing.

"Smile,though your aching, It makes a gazillion of difference!"

xx,mommy jaq


  1. I agree with everything you've said Mommy Jaq! Happiness will always be your own choice.

  2. Thank you dear! yes,happiness is a choice! :))