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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chevron prints are tricky! It can make an illusion to hide those unwanted fats!
Oh well,that is what I need most!

This outfit is just the ideal one for the on the go day I had this time. I had several events to attend to, I wanted to be comfortable with what I'm wearing. And this dress fits that criteria! This is courtesy of  ANTHOLOGIE OF THE SCARF. I love how the print hid my belly! Plus the cut and style suits it perfectly! 

Added pieces that will add spice to it! The necklace from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS  said it all!
I love the colors and the splash of it! Paired it with my yellow shoes from TOPSHOP is an adorbs ootd!

Bag from GET 2 GO BAGS is a must have! It's sturdy, stylish and pretty!  Almost all of their bags can be donned into many styles, hand bag, shoulder,or sling bag! 
This is because of the strap. I love how it is versatile and trendy rolled into one piece!

That day, I was having a bad hair day..geesh,but oh well that's how life is! haha :) 

And there you go,my busy day look! What can you say about it?

xx,mommy jaq

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