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Saturday, November 8, 2014

So it's Sunday once again! I can feel the Chistmas spirit in the air!
The cool breeze in the morning and the warm taste of hot choco hmm really reminds of xmas!

For you, what is the true meaning of the Christmas? Is it the gifts you receive?
or the parties you gig into?

For me, this is just part of the Holiday spirit. The true essence is that we share love and blessing to others. Everytime the xmas day arrives, my mom always told me that we should always think of the blessing we had for the past year,and to be thankful of that. But that does not stop there. We must share it.. :)
In that way, the true meaning of xmas is truly manifested. Don't you think?

dress: gang and glamour | bag:get 2 go bags | sunnies: h&m | sneakers: the sm store

This bag is pure gorg. It can be donned into several styles and designs! This is what I really love about bags from GET 2 GO BAGS.
The material,the quality is superb!

Lovely dress from GANG AND GLAMOUR is one of my fave shift dresses.. Why? simply because it's super comfortable to wear!
The leopard print details is very posh as well.

As early as now, I prepare for the holidays! I'm not the excited right? nyahaha

hohoho Merry Christmas (advanced) everyone! ahihi! :)

xx,mommy jaq

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