bed ridden

Friday, November 14, 2014

Literally was bed ridden the whole day today. Spent it with lots of sleeping and eating!
I have fever for no apparent reason, the only thing I can think of is that I'm drop dead tired! I guess that is the cause of my slumbering..

When I woke up this afternoon, I had a bunch of emails to reply, ootds to prepare and work to do. It slipped into my mind that hey, loads of work and tasks are tiring,but these are blessings. So I got up, ran through my laptop and here I am now writing a blogpost with a blanket all over my face and a cup of tea to warm me up.. People may think that I'm loosing my mind,but this is how I'm dedicated with my craft. Not that I'm bragging about it,it's just that blogging gives me a certain kind of happiness. 
Specially in times like this that I'm sick in my bed. I don't want to linger on it,hence,,fight it! So get up and do you thing girl!

dress: jhajing | jeans: vetus shop | top: sea shop | sandals: snh | bag: maxenes closet

For the look,We are featuring the trend when it comes to prints. It's the palm trees! As you have observed on my past ootds, been donning this kind of look for some time. I love how it invites serenity and tranquility because of its breezy feels like you are in the beach. This maxi dress sported as a cover up is courtesy of JHAJING
Opted to have it layered under a midriff top from SEA SHOP and a pair of joni jeans from VETUS SHOP which are both stretchy in material and oh so comfy and stylish! 
So,How do you see it? Did we nail it?

Bag and shoes are kept on a classy note. White sandals and bag are oh so perfect when pairing it up with colorful ensembles. Bag is from MAXENES CLOSET which is one of my best pals now a days.. I love carrying it around! Sandals from SNH is a darling. It's very light and the leather is so soft! I can wear it literally everyday! 
Plus,it's again color white! My classic fave!

Ending this post again for some thoughts that you can ponder..

"Owning success and striving hard can get you into your best reward."

xx,mommy jaq

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