the lesson in waiting

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's a long weekend but the weather is not that good..Maybe, we should give it all a rest for a while..
The week was pretty much hazardous and hectic, Traffic and flood everywhere! Seriously, what is happening to the Metro? gaahh

For this post, I have came up with a comfortable look. This past few days, I feel bloated,my tummy usually sticks out! haha so embarrassing! 
Anyhoo, the tip for this dilemma is to hide it! Wear loose pullovers and ideal bottoms for a stylish laid back ensemble.

My top is courtesy of  HERSHOPPE. It's girly lovely! The material is very smooth though it is knitted. The design is floral that is why it spelled out feminity. 
Paired it up with a flounce skirt to flatter the girlish peg! Accessorized a bit by a charm necklace from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS. Which by the way is so adorbs! By the way,these 2 awesome online shops are in POSH MARK BOUTIQUE. You can swing by there and get first dibs on their items!

top: hershoppe | skirt: zara | necklace: pretty little blings | adler sandals: sewn

By the way,entitled this blogpost of mine "the lesson in waiting" for the reason that is I must admit, I'm not patient person, I always want things to be done right away.
 But I always tell myself that I should learn the art of waiting. Because I know that things comes in the right timing.

Patience and perseverance are truly virtues.Life is not easy. Trials and challenges are part of it. With the help of the Lord, and of course,our  motivation to push, 
things will come around in the perfect places at the perfect time!

I'll leave you with a thought to ponder to end this post.

"Accept things as they are right now,don't over do it, it will become better with a recipe of prayer."

xx,mommy jaq

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  1. I've been wanting to buy this knitted pullie for the longest time, i've seen it sa ibang shops, both local and international but this is kinda pricey huhuhu i crii. Lol. Anyways, u look stunning as always! <3