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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hooray for the holidays! Though it was on a weekend, it's okay, because what matters is that we can get to spent it with our family.

What do you usually do on all soul's day? My family spent it by going to our departed loved ones in the cemetery. We went there early so we will not be hassled of the crowd that will surely go there at the same time. We offered flowers, candles and prayers to the members of the family who already passed away..

Looking on our ootd, I wore a sunflower midriff top GLITZY GLAM SHOP which is a trendy piece.
The top itself is pretty but in order to add more glam in it, paired it with an assymetrical skirt from I LOVE CHIC BOUTIQUE

Drawstring bags from FASHION CRAVINGS comes very handy when you are on the go.. It's so light and convenient to bring a long! 
The color of this one is versatile, it can be matched with any kind of print and textures that will surely compliment the look.

Just curious, have you ever attended a Halloween party? Honestly, at my age, I haven't attended even once! Darn! haha

I hope I can attend one this weekend! hihi :)

Every time I will come to an end of my post, I feel sad.. I have so many things to tell you but my mind is just not working right! Maybe because I'm focused on something..I promise to have more kuwentos soon! Have a nice Halloween weekend everyone! See you around! 

xx,mommy jaq

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