stressed,but well dressed?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How about a sweater weather peg for tonight's look? And oh by the way guys,
 how have you been lately? Hope all of you are fine.

For the look,donned a pretty much comfy cozy themed ootd. Wore this sweater top from THE BERRYTOPS that has my love in it! waahhh FOOD! Haha It's so good to eat right? 
And tonight, this is what we are tackling about..But before that, we talk about the look. This is what I wore last time at the mall to meet my college friends. It's stylish and very comfy to sport. It was a gloomy day that day that is why I opted to wear this! Paired it up with shorts and cool sandals from SHOEZETTE rocked the whole ensemble!

And so we head for our topic for tonight, You know the feeling when you do everything to get fit and slim? Geez,this is my dilemma right now. I'm having  hard time maintaining my diet and the religious workout! I do this because first,for my health reasons. I have high blood pressure that is why I must eat foods that have low cholesterol content. 
And of course,honestly,too look good, But it's so hard! Waahh You feel me love? teehee!

I love this Jacobe bag from FASHION CRAVINGS. Two words: cute and adorable!

top: the berry tops | shorts: forever 21 | bag: fashioncravings | sandals: shoezette

Going back to our chika, hihi oh well, The only solution I can think of is to push more. Self discipline and motivation are the keys to hit our goal! 
Let's do this guys! Are you with me? Push! haha

Hey,if you have any ideas and insights about getting fit and healthy let me know! We might have it discussed and featured here at the blog, That's a great idea right?

Ending this post with a quote of inspiration for us to go for our goals!

"embracing our flaws is not bad, but if we can do something about it to make it better, that's not bad after all."

xx,mommy jaq

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