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Friday, October 10, 2014

Came across a post on a social media site which approaches quitting.. For the past few weeks,was honestly considering it. I wanted to quit blogging..

But something made me realize that quitting is definitely not an option. Why would I give up something that I love doing? I blog for myself and not for anything else. 
This is my diary and I'm happy with it. I love how I can share myself through the internet. My ups,my downs. The blues and glory of being a single mom and all things like that. 
Some people may not understand it, but for me, this is my blog, I will write down what ever I want. Inspiring people is my goal. But being realistic was never a disqualification.. 
Sometimes, I think that being a blogger is a form of entering a showbiz industry,you will have critics that will bring you down..
But like all other industries, you can definitely not please everybody.

And this will never bring me down..rather, I will use it as a tool to strive hard and do better. Not for anyone,but for me, my daughter and the Lord. I have came to this and I believe that I'm strong woman. I have been through worst. And believe me, when I say worst, it really is! But moral lessons were learned and I'm also thankful 
that through those dark stages in my life, I have become matured and surpassed it.

On a different note,let me just shift my story to the ensemble I wore. The snake skin print coordinates is from my good endorsee CERTAIN THINGS PH
It has mesh details and it's very stylish! The peices can be sported in a variety of ootds that is why I consider this a posh versatile article. :)

Donned this trendy bag from GET 2 GO BAGS. Me and my daughter loves it! 
It's so sturdy and very light! Not to mention it's so stylish!

coordinates: certain things ph | bag: get 2 go bags | sneakers: the sm store

And so,the moral lesson of my story? Try not to think of the things people say about you. Yes, It's good that you are sensitive enough to consider other people's feelings. 
But to be enslaved about it and let your happiness suffer is a no no! Do what you love,be happy and enjoy life,because hey,YOLO. You only live once.

Ending my so called emo post here is to leave you again with a quote to ponder..

"Vanity and envy are the deadliest sins. Don't be enslaved by it,rather prosper kindness and beauty within."

xx,mommy jaq


  1. Love your words Mommy Jaq! They are so true! We should not blog for others and we should never seek for anyone's approval. We do what we love to please ourselves and not anyone else. :)


    1. ikr love! We should just write what we want. and be happy with it! :))

  2. Love the snake-y, animalistic ensemble! :)

    I agree -- we created our blogs for ourselves and not for the benefit of somebody else. Don't quit and just do what you love. :D

  3. What a wonderful post. I totally agree with it; never give up. If you listen to other people, then you're giving them permission to control your life and you don't need approval from anyone (or that's how I think of it). Just keep doing what you love!

    On a lighter not, what a lovely outfit! You look so pretty!

    1. Aw, thank you for the inspiring words love!! :) tc!