sewn co. collides and hits the metro!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

And it's up! A new showroom hits the Metro! A group of fabulous online shops get together in one roof! This is the SEWN CO
A showroom located at the PODIUM MALL, Makati Palazzo, 4th floor in Mandaluyong City.

SEWN SANDALS is one of the online shops catering a wide variety of shoes and sandals that will surely satisfy your fashion cravings! Look at those pretty Mandals! 
This is one of my ever first mandals that I got since the mandals craze kicks in! And yes, it is very comfy, affordable and trendy! I love them!

HERSHOPPE also showcases their fashion forwarded pieces that are very kind to our budget, Prices ranges from 200 to 600. 
It's a sure win when you can get to grab one of their gorg pieces! Quality and style are always present in their items I must say.

Accessories lover? Well, here it is! DCG FASHION is also there to maximize all your fashion needs! All kinds of accessories are all there for every gal's passion!

Summer and swimwears will never go out of style! And for that one, NUDO SWIMWEAR shares their love for swimmies! Look at those adorable pieces! Pure love isn't it?

Oh my gee! How I love sunnies and specs! It does not only gives you the protection from the dust and the harmful rays of the sun it also gives the oomph for every ootd! 
What do you think of these babies from CLASSSIQUEAPPAREL? Lovely! Aren't they?

Branded overruns are always a love for fashion. THE OVERRUNS STORE is also there to give us the full blast on those branded items with a super affordable price! 
Imagine, f21, bershka,mango and all that brands are retailed for as low as php 300! That is so cool! :)

And yes! Cosmetics! LOVE MANILA and HAPPY HAULER PH, are there too! They are also on sale and we had a great time checking out their stuffs! 
Yeah know, for ladies like us, we love make up! 

These sandals from INGGA SANDALS is a versatile footwear piece.
All of their sandals have replacable straps that you can design by yourself! Meaning, this is a "best Buy" 2 to 10 sandals for a price of one! Awesome!

And here they are! The lovely owners of the online shops for SEWN CO. They are all equally gorgeous like their fab shops! Congratulations to all of you ladies! 

And ofcourse,that day wouldn't be complete with my co bloggers with me! yey!!
Hi there lovies, Cristina and Dana Decena, Jaimie Felix and Nicole Aguinaldo.

With my boo Rhea Bue, this is the first time we saw again for ages! Waahh oh well, it's because of our busy sched! Goodluck to us! Missed u boo! :)

And so that's a wrap! Swing by the newest showroom in town, SEWN CO. at the 4th floor, Makati Palazzo, The Podium mall in Ortigas City. 
To know more about them, Follow them on instagram HERE. See yah all there and happy shopping! 


  1. oooh this place, so near ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. hi! ikr! so accessible! thanks btw for dropping by my blog dear! :)