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Sunday, October 12, 2014

And so It's a start of a week again! Let's all face and embrace it with gladness!

For this post, I just want to tell you a short story..or rather some random thoughts running through my mind. I dunno, I just miss working.. 
Before, I worked as an employee for some corporations and I miss it..My office desk,my workmates,and all that stuffs.. :))

Let us first discuss my ootd. This was inspired with an office day outfit. Look how trendy this is. The jumpsuit is courtesy of VETUS SHOP and I adore it. 
The material,the color and ofcourse,the style. This is perf for a day at work. It's super comfortable to wear! Plus it can be donned into many different styles! 
Off shoulder,tube top,venus style and many more! It's just fantastic!

Omg. The necklace from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS is pure love! Been eyeing on it since they launched it. And now,I'm donning it! hihi love love! 
The design is very posh. The details are so specified that it gives out the color and vibrance of the stones. I'm inlove with it. Seriously.

Matchy matchy sandals from SHOEZETTE and bag from ZATCHELLESHOPPE is a combination of perfection. This is a trick in pairing up pieces for ootd. 
You can match the colors of your bag and shoes to give your ensemble the unity and harmony. :)

jumpsuit: vetus shop | necklace: pretty little blings | bag: zatchelleshoppe | sandals: shoezette

Back to my kuwentos about office days, so yeah, I just miss it.. Wearing this look kinda reminded me of those days.. But honestly speaking,I'm happy with what I'm doing right now.. There is this just one time you wish to go back on what you have been doing before. You know what I mean? hehe Anyhow, it's just a thought... 
I'm settled and glad on what I have become now. :)

Being satisfied and happy on what you have is always the key to greater success. My mom always reminds me to count our blessings and that is so true. 
Keeping them in your heart and mind makes you realize that you are much lucky than others.

And so whether you are an employee, a boss, a business person, It doesn't matter. What matters is how you do your job with your whole heart and soul. 
Nothing compares to the satisfaction and happiness you get when you love what you are doing.. :)

xx,mommy jaq


  1. Another lovely outfit Mommy Jaq! Love the color of your jumpsuit as well! <3