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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Watcha lookin' at?? haha Lakas maka donya my ootd for today right? But kidding aside, hehe I'm so not a donya or a rich lady, but I'm rich in love and happiness!

And so to make this look more stand out, wore this dress from CARENZELA COUTURE. The print is just to fetch! The fabric is in superb quality.
I must say, that their products are of the sure quality and high in style!

Covered up with a fabulous leatherette jacket from FASHION INFINITY. This totaled the look into more chicness. Unlike other leatherette jackets, this one is super comfy. 
You can donn it even though the weather is not that cold. You can still sport it with comfort in trend!

dress: carenzela couture | sandals: shoezette | sunnies: sissy shoppe | jacket: fashion infinity | bag: get 2 go bags

Matched the pieces of my accessories with a tone of edginess and fierce. The sickest sunnies is from SISSY SHOPPE which fits right into my face. 
The nightingale bag from GET 2 GO BAGS is one my faves! I have been using it for quite some time now coz of its versatility and gorg fashion sense. 
My sandals is from SHOEZETTE which you have been seeing it on my blog posts recently, well, just for the reason that I love it! hihi 
Thanks so much guys for the nice trendy pieces that made this ootd a bomb!

Oh how I wish my ootd will turn into reality! I wish I can be rich like a donya! ahihi  :)

This ensemble is perfect for the holiday season by the way. This is ideal for the holiday parties that we will be attending. What you think? :)

I don't know, but I think animal prints will be coming back to the fashion bandwagon. 
We will be seeing a lot of them for the coming season..

And so, going to leave this post of mine again with something that I have been thinking about..

"Don't waste time. Do what you have to do now. Because you might regret it if you don't"

xx,mommy jaq

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